amos1 James & Kristin Amos are our American directors and are running a non-profit for the work we are doing in Kenya. Kristin visited Kenya in 2011 and her life was greatly changed by what she saw. She has a big heart for the orphaned children and longs to bring hope back to their lives. James is a Pastor of a church and has a heart for missions and to help the less fortunate.

gudi boriGudi Bori is our German representative for Awaken Love. She visited Kenya in 2016 and fell in love with the children and has been sponsoring two of her own ever since. She is helping with our sponsorship efforts in Germany.

daggi steffenDaggi Steffen is our German representative for Awaken Love and sister to Gudi. She visited Kenya in 2019 and met her sponsor child for the first time 3 years after she began her sponsorship. She volunteers alongside Gudi with our sponsorship efforts in Germany.

luke1Luke McLachlan began his journey with Awaken Love in 2007 as a sponsor. His first trip to the Gideons Orphanage was in November 2016, when he decided to join the Awaken Love team in his new role as web developer and general social media/content management/public relations guru.

Partners in the work…