Awaken Love is a registered UK charity, number 1151671. Our projects are based in Western Kenya, where we are helping orphans, widows and very poor families.


Since 2007 we have been raising money and sponsorship to see lives changed and to bring hope to those less fortunate than ourselves. Our main project since 2009 has been working with The Gideon Orphanage where there are 360 orphaned children. We also help the street boys and the widows, meeting their daily needs, but also helping them become self-sufficient.

Awaken Love’s aim is to help meet the basic needs of children and also to get them into school and to help the widows become self sufficient by establishing them in small businesses. We hope that by doing this, it will positively effect their community and make living somewhat easier for them.

Since 2009, Awaken Love have been working hard with an organisation in Kenya called The Gideon Orphanage. When we arrived at this rural orphanage it was a bush. The buildings were made of mud and collapsing. Over the years Awaken Love, friends and partners of the Gideons have helped to improve the living conditions at the Gideon’s and also to provide secondary education and to help them become self-sufficient.