Our Next Trip

lukedroneOn Tuesday the 22nd November Sophie McLachlan is heading back off to Kenya. She’ll be closely followed by Nicky and myself. During this visit we’ll be staging a football tournament, as well as collecting new marketing material for our website and additional promotional material. It was hoped that we could bring a drone to the orphanage to film some aerial footage and a very kind person lent us their rather fancy drone, however we’ve since been told that the Kenyan Civil Aviation Authority will most probably confiscate this at the airport. Our only hope now is to rent one in Kisumu and we’re currently chatting with a couple of promising leads.

We also have a new Instagram account, which you can find at www.instagram.com/awakenloveforafrica/. This will be used alongside our Facebook and Youtube accounts.

Very Nearly There

Today is the 10th November and we’re behind schedule with our website upgrade by about 2 days. We’ve had people contact us about donating and therefore this morning we completed the Donate page with all the relevant information. The remaining pages have been populated with text and now require a little „beautification“, which we’ll be performing over the next 24-hours.

Thank you very much for your patience! Apart from the website upgrade we’re busy preparing for our upcoming trip to the Gideons Orphanage, where we’ll be hosting a football tournament.

We’re Modernising…

Apologies for the confusion but we are currently modernising our website.

This modernisation began on the 4th November 2016 and it is projected to take approximately 5 days.

Thank you / Awaken Love for Africa